Monthly Archives: January 2016

Cardio Dance 1a

Join me for a fun and easy cardio dance combination. If you like aerobic dance, enjoy moving to music, want to add more cardio to your fitness regimen, or want to challenge your coordination, you’ll love this classic workout. Once you learn the steps, be prepared for a final intensity push. Burn calories, improve your […]

Core on the Floor with the Foam Roller

Don’t let this piece of traditional myofascial release equipment fool you. The foam roller is a useful tool that elevates the level of intensity in all aspects of fitness. During this workout, the roller will be used to challenge balance, focus on the core, work deep stabilizers, and improve total body strength. Equipment – 36-inch […]

Body Bar Standing

I love teaching with the Body Bar! Creatively utilizing the weighted bar throughout the entire program, I use both functional and traditional resistance techniques, and some balance, for a quick all body standing workout. Mixing up your weight work makes it fun and effective. For more information about Body Bars, see the link below. If […]

Body Bar Floor

I love teaching with the Body Bar! Leg work on the floor with the Body Bar has produced some of my absolute favorite exercises. You will see how much intensity you can add with the use of the versatile Body Bar. For more information about Body Bars, see the link below. If you want to […]

All Butt

Join me for fifteen minutes dedicated to just your butt muscles. This introductory workout with give you a great start in learning to isolate the muscles of the rear end. We all could use a better butt, but what is so important about this essential group is that it really does so much to help […]

Tubing Upper Body

This workout showcases the tremendous versatility of resistance tubing. Combinations will isolate specific muscle groups and combine others, to allow for a limitless variety of both functional and traditional training. Learn how to optimize anchoring, placement, and line of pull to provide different approaches to the targeted muscles. This standing workout with tubing can really […]

Ab Basics with the OmniBall®

​No other product gives you the kind of rolling versatility to work your body like the OmniBall® does. Learn how to use the OmniBall® correctly while focusing on the important muscles of the core. You will learn some of the basic techniques and proper positioning to isolate and engage the abdominals. 15 minutes of ab […]

One Weight

Grab one weight for this total body sculpting session. Utilizing the weight on one side makes the body focus on the core and balance. I love mixing up my resistance work and this is one way to challenge the body to exercise differently. I integrate both functional and traditional exercises, using the upper and lower […]

Just Weights

Grab a set of handheld weights for this total body sculpting session. This workout will integrate both functional and traditional exercises, using the upper and lower body. Get your strength work done quickly and efficiently, with combinations that transition smoothly! There is no time to rest, so be prepared for a workout that will challenge […]