Monthly Archives: February 2017

OmniBall® Total Body

​Join me for a total body OmniBall® workout with practically no down time between exercises. Transitions are quick and you will be surprised how many exercises I fit into 15 minutes of OmniBall® work. This program incorporates traditional, functional, and rotational exercises for a one of a kind, unique exercise experience.

Core on the Floor with Tubing

​Join me for a vigorous routine that will challenge the core.  The core is made up of twenty nine muscles and it is important to mix up your conditioning to make a difference in your strength.  Resistance tubing is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment and is super effective in working the core.

Myofascial Release – Legs and Butt

Join me for some specific myofascial release work, using techniques that focus on the legs and rear end.  These muscles can get very sore and fatigued, but you can quickly see results with the right kind of work.  Multiple approaches to the muscles are a key factor in making the work effective.  It only takes […]

Floor Stretch with Tubing

​Join me for a full stretch using either a stretching strap or resistance tubing.  Positioning is easier and you can assist your stretches with the use of one of these props.  Range of motion and dynamic work will really make a difference in your mobility, and adding tubing can make it even easier.