Rock ‘n Roll Stretch with the Foam Roller

​This isn’t your average, sleepy stretch class! Join Aileen for a lively program that will roll out your kinks and lengthen your limbs. Learn how to incorporate the foam roller into your flexibility programming. You will transition smoothly from one body part to the next using easy-to-remember combinations. Be prepared for a full “range of […]

Myofascial Release with Aileen Sheron

Join Aileen for this 55-minute myofascial release program, using two tennis balls and the foam roller.  A variety of techniques and positions will show you how to recover from the effects of stress, fatigue, overuse, and injuries.  Treat yourself to the ultimate full body massage, customized to your specific needs.

29 Minute Total Body Toner

My first exercise video, circa 1987!  ​The 29 Minute Total Body Toner is designed to shape, tone, and strengthen your body with a minimum amount of stress.  This five part aerobic routine will work on all the major muscle groups, resulting in a trimmer, stronger, more flexible you.  It includes a warm up, slow aerobics […]

Industrial Strength – All Bar

Grab a weighted bar and join Aileen and her friends, Nicole and Susan, for a great full-body workout. There’s no down time here, with quick and smooth transitions between exercises and sections. You’ll be surprised at how versatile a bar can be as Aileen uses it for the warm-up, two standing combinations, and floor work. […]

Industrial Strength – All Tubing

Pick up a tube and join Aileen and her friends, Connie and Coco, for this nonstop resistance workout. Learn how to train the body effectively, using just one versatile power tool. Aileen uses the tube in every segment of the program, including the warmup, four combinations (two standing, two floor), and a great stretch at […]